CD Interview/Review – Collington’s East // West


James Collington makes some impressive progress on East // West.  The improvements in the recording process and the production really serve to make this CD a memorable experience.

I asked him a couple of questions about the CD:

Me: What do like most about the CD in retrospect?
James:  In retro spect. I like that we didn’t need to directly crowd fund the album. I see a lot of people doing that these days and it’s great but for us, I really am blessed to say that we didn’t. We also did the whole album DIY so that was a well thought out adventure. I was always embarrassed of my CDs but not this one.
Me: What’s your favorite song on the CD?
James: My favorite song is probably No Regrets. I like how it came together for the cd and it’s also the song we usually open with live. The runner up songs would be nowhere to lay my head or someone who would rob me :).  Thanks Dylan!
Me: Sure bro! I’m really impressed with what you did here on the record. Rob me was my favorite too.
James: Thanks man. It’s crazy what you can do with simple gear
Me: Last thing – can you share a struggle or a challenge in the production of the record?
James: For the production of the record I would say the biggest challenge was probably post production. For actualy production, I had a good friend of mine Max Couto do some session drum work for me/ let me use his kit to track a few songs while i was producing an album for one of his bands. Everything was done in the comfort of my home studio set up. And although it took a lot of time I was able to take my time with tracking.
Back to post production, I had bought into some philosphies from a Guru who’s blog i was following. Namely that if you do everything your self and get your album professional mastered you can have a professional sounding album. The downside(which has paid off) to this is that I had to learn how to mix. I believe I spent well over 300 hours making East//West.
Me: Wow.. didn’t realize you mixed it as well.  Was this different from your previous songs and projects.. How was this one different?
James: It took the most time to do but thats becuase i learned as i went and did things over and over. For the master I was talked out of exporting it to a service company and Zac, who plays keys for me now when he can mastered it. He’s been cutting records for years so i trusted him.

This one was different in that I would say that it’s the most professional record i’ve made to date. Mostly due to decisions i chose to make along on the way. I’ve done $8000 studio projects and DIY albums before but I really had to get my stuff together on this one.  That’s not to say that it doesn’t have any flaws haha.  As for the music content i hope that despite the changes that my heart and identity hasn’t changed.

Track Listing:

1. No Regrets
2. Alright
3. Nowhere To Lay My Head
4. Someone Who Would Rob Me
5. Breaking
6. Climb On
7. Carried Me
8. Run
9. Together / Hidden

Stream the album here:

Purchase here:


Collington is a music project by singer/songwriter James Collington that combines heart purging lyrics & tones while accompanying liturgical musings.

James began writing in 2009 between college semesters. Struggling to find truth in existence, he began to look for a way to embody both his feelings of anxiety as well as his longing for divine purpose. Knowing that life is easier to believe in cognitive truths than to be walked out in faith, he started his journey by musically advancing steps forward.

Recording with different producers and different sound engineers, Collington began releasing music. It was during this time spent in the studio that James, keeping a watchful eye on how to produce and engineer, learned to produce his own records. Initially releasing a demo EP, Collington began playing shows within the small region of New England.

To date, Collington has released 4 albums while staying in touch with heartfelt roots. Sharing the stage with national artists, playing shows as a national artist and with multiple tours under his belt. In November, 2013, Collington released his newest full-length album titled, East//West .

East//West is Collington’s most mature album regarding its aptitude & production. The self-funded album embodies modern and raw-folk tone resemblances while being host to atmospheric ambiance.


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