Music Review – The Brilliance (The Road Recordings)

The Brilliance
The Road Recordings

            Anthemic drums and acoustic guitars contrast a complex arrangement of strings and piano.  Strong vocals are complimented by fragile melodies and a female gentle and sensitive harmony.

            The song structure is creative and diverse, keeping the songs enthralling and inviting.  A verse is followed by a verse with an interlude of strings in between and that is it.  However, the songs seem refreshingly complete and are satisfying in spite of this unconventional structuring.  The songs rise in tension during these orchestral arrangements and naturally come to a beautiful climax.  The record progresses from the beginning to end, growing in intensity toward the end with technical, powerful drums.  When you listen – be sure to listen from start to finish.  The abrupt ending after the increasing tension of the last song leaves the listener longing for more.  The CD progresses naturally from somber and heartfelt quiet pleading to a more intense, wrestling with theological problems.

            This is a daring attempt to give a fresh, artistic perspective to a dying, superficial genre.  The music actually shows prowess and great technique – an aspect that is neglected in the genre.  The songs do not follow radio-friendly structures.  This reflects the bands desire to write music that’s main goal is not marketability.  

            The lyrics are presented in a way of sincere prayer.  The rhyme scheme is secondary to the goal of presenting an authentic message.

            The songs are mostly petitions and prayers that are directed directly toward God.  These prayers ask intense, searching questions (“Does Your Heart Break?”).  Asking God if He truly cares about our pain and suffering – if His heart breaks.

            This song is aptly followed by “Your Love Remains.”  This song validates the question of the previous song – God’s love remains through all of our stumbling and weakness.  The skill of this band is found in their song structure and ability to carry a song from beginning to end with unconventional structures.  They have abandoned all of this conventionality for the purpose of making something more authentic.  The songs progress from beginning to end, growing in intensity, naturally.  The intensity reflects the lyrics that deeply illustrate the personal relationship one has with God.

            One feels as the sincerity of the songs lyrics and the profundity really connects in a way that is not superficial.  The music and instrumentation is so akin to the lyrical content – they are joined inseparably. 

            My favorite is “Open Up.”  The petition is presented before God to create in us an open heart – a heart that is willing to be made vulnerable and risk being hurt for the cause of love.  The example of God is reflected on – “You heard the cry of our hearts and You came down, freely You gave us Your love showing us how.”  The song so naturally progresses and increases in tension before a sweet release in the chorus making it feel truly heavenly.  The only pain is the brevity of the song – I long for one more verse as on the CD release.  The ending bridge flawlessly ascends in tension before presenting an intense plea that captures the essence of Christianity.  “May we love as you loved.”  The bridge’s intensity perfectly reflects the intensity of the petition – the importance of this aspect as the center of the Christian faith is magnified.

            One can hear the people whispering in the crowd – I imagine them saying “Who are these guys, where did they come from?”  Exactly what I felt.

            The final song is such a fitting ending to the record – “May you Find a Light.”  The soft, tender melodies lead into driving, powerful and technically impressive prowess musically.  It can be seen here that this is a live band – an experience to be had that cannot be captured in any studio recording.  The clapping captures the energy of the song that just seems to be growing to an unpredictable height.  The people in the crowd are literally jaw-dropped by the end – one can hear their astonishment. 

            I’m thankful for this group.  Download this record here for a limited time for FREE (feel free to donate).


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